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The Forum Rules (Updated Jan 17th, 2011)

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Postby Andrew on Jan 15, 2008 10 am

Hey there. Welcome!

Here are a few, simple guidelines that will help keep the forums clean and informative for everyone.

Please respect the following rules:

:arrow: Always search before you post.
There are quite a few discussions available at the moment and you're surely to find an answer to your question in minutes. Use the search form located in the top right-hand corner before starting a new discussion.

:arrow: The language on this board is ENGLISH
Please post messages in English. This is the only language that all the members can understand and respond to. If you don't know any English please at least use a translator ( http://translate.google.com/ ).
Topics posted in other languages will be removed from the board.

:arrow: Post a link, screenshot, product version, etc. when reporting a problem
Whenever you find yourself asking for help, please try to include the product name and version, a link to your site or a screenshot.

:arrow: Keep a decent language and tone
Nobody likes a screaming and shouting baby. Please refrain from using excessive punctuation marks to make a point. If you don't speak English as your primary language, please try to make yourself understood.

:arrow: Do NOT share your forum account with anyone
We will never request your password so please don't share your account with anyone at all. Sharing forum accounts is also strictly prohibited and we verify this on a daily basis.
Shared accounts will be immediately disabled and banned.

:arrow: Don't share any files via our boards or via PM (private messages)
Sharing our files (even with verified customers) can have serious consequences. You will lose privilege to future updates and any support as well as your forum account will be removed.
If someone asks you for any files or code please direct them to our support team.

:arrow: Regarding sensitive matters
Our forums are a good place to find help, however please remember that these forums are public and your posts are here for the entire world to see. In conclusion, don't post your e-mail, order details or too much code on the forums. Keep your personal details private! If you need help to remove any sensitive data please contact our support team.

:arrow: We only take responsibility for our posts
We can't and don't take any responsibility on anything more than our posts. Please be careful on who's advice you take.
To decide if a person is trusty, make sure that first he/she is a 'Verified customer'. To spot a verified customer, check their current Rank.

:arrow: Selling custom MODifications or templates
You can now sell your custom modifications and/or template for PHP Melody in our PHP Melody Marketplace. Please note that the Marketplace has its own set of rules. Any commercial services or products should be posted only in the Marketplace.

:arrow: On promoting products, services or yourself for commercial gain (new! - applies starting from Jan 17th)
We all agree the forums should be about civilized discussion and about finding solutions to problems. Based on this, any posts that hijack existing discussions in the interest of self-promotion or promotion of 3rd party services and products will be removed from the discussion. Such repeated behavior will results in a ban from the forums.
Note: Some forum links may contain affiliate links but those can only be set up by the forum administrator.

:arrow: On off-topic, flaming and trolling (new! - applies starting from Jan 17th)
Off-topic posts will be removed and warnings will be issued to the offenders. After a decent amount of warnings the user will be banned from the forums.

'Flaming', or 'to flame', means to attack someone verbally online. Flaming entails insults, bigotry, name-calling, or any outright hostility directed at a specific person. Often, flaming is the result of a heated difference of opinions on a topic, and it has devolved into childish bickering.

There are cases where someone is a repeat flamer: he/she insists on regularly attacking others as a daily habit. If so, we then call that person an Internet troll.

:arrow: Final note
Posting on our forums implies that you are aware of these rules and that you've agreed with them and with our general terms of agreement.

Any posts or members that don't follow these simple rules will be disabled, deleted or edited depending on the case.
These rules have been generated by real problems and we don't intend to use our rules for anything else than to keep the forums a safe and organized place for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you!
The phpSugar team
Questions about this? Contact our support team.

Last updated: Jan 17th, 2011
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